Additional Services

Mobile Biometric Service

Visa application center offers Mobile Biometric service for a cost effective price, listed in the table below. Prices mentioned in the table below are the prices for mobile biometric service only and does not include visa fee, service fee and transportation costs.

Applicant can book Mobile Biometrics service for self, family or group which will make it much more cost effective for visa applicants. The service charge for the correspondent service is paid by means of credit cards or bank transaction and in local currency only (UAH).

Sr. No. Booking Options Price
1. Mobile Biometric Service Per Applicant 4895 UAH (equivalent to 150 euros)
2. Mobile Biometric Service for 2 hours  6200 UAH (equivalent to 190 euros)
3. Mobile Biometric Service for 4 hours  12400 UAH (equivalent to 380 euros)
4. Mobile Biometric Service for 6 hours  18595 UAH (equivalent to 570 euros)
5. Mobile Biometric Service for 8 hours  24795 UAH (equivalent to 760 euros)

You can book the Mobile Biometrics service via e-mail, call center (044) 224 57 67. While booking the service applicants are requested to provide the following details: surname, name, contact telephone number, place and date of taking biometrics data. Booking is confirmed during 1 working day.

Note: Booking options from number 2 to 5 can be availed for two or more applicants based on number of applicants applying for Schengen visa to the Finland.

Courier Service (Optional)

Current cost of this service is 150 UAH payable at submission – of course this remains an optional service*. Please speak to the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre for more details.

List of cities to which delivery can be ordered.

Courier after Submission (Optional)

Now, applicants can order courier delivery of the processed documents after submission - a convenient and reliable way to save time and receive the documents without visiting the Visa Application Center. This service can be ordered at the following email address: or (+38) 044 594 12 69. You can also use the following link for ordering this service.

Current cost of this service is provided in the Visa Fee table – of course this remains an optional service*. Please speak to the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre for more details.

SMS (Optional)

We can proactively contact you to give you the status of your application process! Ask our submission officer to subscribe you for free SMS Solution offered by the Application Centre. The option can be availed only at the time of application submission. This Service is Free of Charge.

Photocopy (Optional)

Photocopy machine is available in the VAC the cost of the service is 2.50 per copy.

Photo booth (Optional)

Photo booth with self-portrait service is available in the VAC which costs UAH 50.

Travel Insurance (Optional)

You can buy the travel insurance policy at the visa application centres.

Please note that all above listed services are optional for the benefit of the applicant and applicants can avail them voluntarily.