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Additional Services

At VFS Global, we constantly strive to offer a range of hi-end optional services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and on-going endeavor to add value to applicants’ experience, it is our privilege to offer the following Value Added Services -

  • SMS Service
    Free of charge
    • The Finland Visa Application Centre provides a visa application status tracking through SMS for your convenience, free of cost

  • Courier Service
    • Applicants can choose to have their processed passport couriered to your house or office by paying a nominal additional charge
    • VFS will avail this service for KES 500 (4.26 Euro) only (VAT Included) for shipments addressed within Nairobi.
    • For shipments to be delivered outside Nairobi the cost is KES 990 (8.51 Euro).


    All optional service fees must be paid at the time of submission. This value added service is optional.

    Please read the Courier Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

  • Premium Lounge

    Premium lounge service facilities are available at the Visa Application Center in Nairobi. You may contact VFS staff at the centre to avail the facility.

    The premium service lounge offers:

    • Separate lounge with personalized service by dedicated staff
    • Light refreshments
    • Faster submission of applications at the visa application centre

    Important note: Your visa will be processed and decided by the Embassy of Finland. Using this service does not guarantee that you will be issued a visa. All applicants will be required to follow the instructions on applying for a visa, which can be found on the 'Before you apply' page on this website.

    This service does not guarantee a faster turnaround time for the processing of visa applications by the Embassy of Finland

    What does it cost?

    The Premium Service Lounge facilities are charged at:

    1. KES 3460 (29.79 Euro) per person-including taxes per application

    This charge is in addition to the Visa application fee and VFS service fee.

    Timings - The service is available from 08:00 till 15:00.

    Note: This value added service is optional.

  • Photocopying service

    There is a photocopying service at the Visa Application Centre for a fee of KES 5 (0.4 Euro) per copy.

    Note: This value added service is optional.

  • Printing Facility

    There is a printing facility available at the Visa Application Centre for a fee of KES 30 (0.24 Euro) for black & white and KES 50 (0.40 Euro) for colour per copy.

  • Photography Service

    There is a photographer available at the Visa Application Centre. The cost is KES 470 (4 Euro) for 4 copies.

    Note: This value added service is optional.

  • Prime Time Submission

    The Prime time submission service is mainly aimed to facilitate working professional and business executives who would prefer to apply outside of their own normal working hours.

    Prime time appointment submission allow applicants to submit applications at our visa application centre at a convenient time, outside of normal business hours, at a cost of KES 3460 (29.79 Euro) including taxes for each applicant, plus the visa fee and VFS Service fee.

    Accepted mode of payment is M-Pesa

    Prime Time Business Hours
    Monday - Friday 15:00 - 16:30

    This service fee is non-refundable.

    Important: This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that applicants using the prime time service will have a faster turnaround time or be successful in their visa application.

  • Travel Insurance (Optional)

    You can buy the travel insurance policy at the visa application centre.

    Please note that all above listed services are optional for the benefit of the applicant and applicants can avail them voluntarily.