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    15 January 2020

    Relocation of the Finland Visa Application Centre in Kazan

    Until 12:00 hrs on 17 January 2020 VAC in Kazan work at the old address: 420021, Kazan Parizhskoy Kommuny str, 8

    Starting 20 January 2020 VAC in Kazan will be located on the new address:
    420021 Kazan, Parizhskoy Kommuny 26, 1 floor

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    18 December 2019

    Visa Center working hours during holiday season:

    30 December 2019 Visa Centers open according normal schedule.

    31 December 2019 Visa Centers working hours (only handout of ready passports ) from 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs.

    Prime-time passport collection is closed on 31 December 2019.

    01 January 2020 - 02 January 2020; 06 January 2020 - 07 January 2020 Visa Center in Moscow closed..

    03 January 2020 and 08 January 2020 Visa Center in Moscow open according normal schedule.

    01 January 2020 - 08 January 2020 the Regional Visa Centers closed.

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    15 November 2019

    New visa sticker for use

    All Finnish missions abroad and organisations issuing visas, including the Border Guard, Finnish Customs and the Police, started to use the new EU visa sticker on 11 November 2019. Regulation (EU) 2017/1370, amending Council Regulation (EC) No 1683/95 on a uniform format for visas, was adopted on 04 July 2017. All Member States must start using the new visa sticker by 21 December 2019.

    The introduction of the new visa sticker does not require any measures from visa applicants. Visas issued before 11 November 2019 will be valid for the period of validity indicated on the visa sticker.

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    23 October 2019

    Monday, 04 November 2019 Finland Visa Application Center will be closed

    Dear Applicants! Kindly note that Finland Visa Application Centres in Moscow and regions will be closed on 04 November 2019 Monday.

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    31 August 2019

    Relocation of the Visa Centre of Finland in Ryazan

    30 August 2019 VAC in Ryazan will work to 14:00 at the old address: 390023, Ryazan, st. Uritskogo, 54

    Starting from 02 September 2019 visa centre in Ryazan will move to the new address:

    390046, Ryazan, Mayakovskogo st, 1А office no.108,

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    31 August 2019

    Working schedule of Visa Centre of Finland in Tula

    02 - 03 September 2019 Finland Visa Application Centre in Tula will be closed for technical reasons.

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    23 August 2019

    Changes in the package of documents for visa application submission effective 01 September 2019

    Dear Applicants! Kindly note that effective 01 September 2019 the package of supporting documents for a visa application will be changed. For more information, please click here

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    06 June 2019

    Working schedule of Visa Centre of Finland in Moscow and Regional Visa Centers – 12 June 2019

    12 June 2019 Finland Visa Application Centre in Moscow and Regional Visa Application Centres are closed.

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    23 April 2019

    Operational schedule of Finland Visa Application Centres in May 2019

    Dear applicants, please be informed that Finland Visa Application Center in Moscow will not operate on 01 May 2019, 09 May 2019 and 10 May 2019

    Finland Visa Application Centre in Moscow will accept the documents on 04 May 2019 and 11 May 2019 in Premium Lounge only for an additional fee. You can schedule an appointment via tel.: 7 (495)-269 -22 – 00

    The regional Visa Centres will not operate from 01 May 2019 till 04 May 2019 and 09 May 2019, 10 May 2019

    Please take this into account when planning your trip and visit to the application center.

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    30 March 2019

    Entering passport number effective 01 April 2019

    Dear Applicants! Please be informed that effective 01 April 2019 – the passport number should be entered in Visa Application Forms using only numbers or letters. No blank spaces or symbols are allowed. The length of the passport number must be maximum nine (9) digits.

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    13 March 2019

    Dear Applicants! Please be informed that 21 March 2019 Visa Application Centre will work till 14:30 both for submission documents and handout of ready passports.

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    19 January 2019

    New additional services For your convenience, we are pleased to offer you our new additional services:

    • Get It Right Service to check your package of documents online before coming to the Visa Application Centre. This service costs 15 euro per application and includes:

    • Call Back Service

      An information call will be placed to your contact phone number upon the readiness of your passport. The price of this service is 2.7 euro

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    13 September 2018

    Dear Applicants!

    Starting from 10 September 2018, all applicants wishing to collect their ready passports after the Visa Application Centre working hours can come for the Prime Time passport collection for an additional fee of 4.5 euro.

    Please be informed that the Priority Queue service now is available in all the Regions.

    For additional information click here

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    25 April 2018

    Dear Applicants!

    Please note that Medical Insurance is a mandatory document. We request that you purchase insurance from the Visa Application Centre or from an authorized agency. We are unable to guarantee the authenticity of policy purchased from any other sources

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    Information for Applicants!

    Since introduction of a new method of calculation of short stays, which applies for all territory of Schengen countries, maximum stay is 90 days in any 180 days period. Applicants can use the online calculator at the European Comission’s website for short stay calculation. The short-stay calculator shows how many days applicant can stay in the Schengen Area. The calculator can be used only to calculate the short stays of multiple entry visas that have been granted to be used for 90 days during a period of at least 180 days.

    Please click on the link of The calculator on the European Commission’s website