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Additional Services

Travel insurance is mandatory for Schengen visa. You have now option to buy it online.

In the Visa Centre of Finland in Petrozavodsk you can find the below mentioned additional services:

  • Courier delivery after submission. Even if a passport is already being processed by the Consulate, there is an option to order a courier delivery. To request this service in Petrozavodsk please call: +7 (8142) 59-98-01 or +7 (8142) 33-08-30, fill in this form and send it to Please note that delivery is carried out only on working days. The courier after submission requests are accepted during the week days before 15:00. All requests submitted after that time will be processed on the next day.
  • Photo booth self-portrait service – 4,5 EURO.
  • Photocopying service - 0,3 EURO per 1 page.
  • Document printing service –0,3 EURO per 1 page
  • SMS Service - The Finland Visa Application Centre provides a visa application status tracking through SMS for your convenience, free of cost.
  • Insurance Policies In The Visa Centre

    It is possible to buy a medical travel insurance policy provided by well-known Russian insurance companies in the Visa Application Centre. The insurance fee for the policy is calculated based on the official fees set by the insurance company of your choice. Payment is made in rubles as per the visa fee on the day of payment. According to the Russian law, each policy is accompanied by the Terms and Conditions and Receipt.

    Please note that Medical Insurance is a mandatory document. We request that you purchase insurance from the Visa Application Center or from an authorized agency. We are unable to guarantee the authenticity of policy purchased from any other sources.
  • Prime time service – 60 euro. If you don’t have an opportunity to apply for a visa during the Visa Application Centre working hours, you may schedule an appointment after the usual working hours with the Prime Time service.

    All applicants wishing to apply for a Finland Schengen visa after the working hours can schedule an appointment to the Visa Centre of Finland in Petrozavodsk from 15-00 to 16-00 (Monday to Friday). To schedule a prime time appointment, please, call + 7 8142 59 98 01 or +7 8142 33 08 30 or click here. Please note, that the appointment should be scheduled until 17:00 of the day prior to the expected submission date.

    The cost of this service is 60 euro (CB rate). Visa and Service fees and all the other additional services provided by the Visa Application Center are not included in this price.

  • Call Back Service 3 euro

    An information call will be placed to your contact phone number upon the readiness of your passport.

  • Prime time passport collection 7 euro

    If you don’t have an opportunity to collect your ready passport during the Visa Application Centre working hours, you may come for the Prime Time passport collection from 16:00 to 17:00 (Monday-Friday). To request this service, please call: +7 (8142) 59-98-01 or +7 (8142) 33-08-30.

  • Priority Queue 35 euro
  • Get It Right Service 15 euro per application

    For your convenience, we are pleased to offer you our new Get It Right Service to check your package of documents online before coming to the Visa Centre. This service includes:

    - Pre-check of Visa Application form and supporting documents

    –Faster service at the Visa Centre

    To request this service, please, contact us at

    In your request please specify the amount of applications to be checked and your mobile phone number. By sending your request you are agreeing to the offer terms and giving your consent for personal data processing

  • Mobile Biometrics Service

    For Your convenience, we are glad to offer our “Mobile Biometrics Service”.

    The advantages of Mobile Biometrics Service:

    • Mobile biometrics is a convenient and secure way to apply for a visa without visiting a Visa application center
    • This service allows you to simultaneously apply for a visa and provide biometric data without leaving the comfort of your home or office
    • A highly qualified Visa center specialist will come to you with all the necessary equipment

    We are glad to inform you that at the moment the service is provided with a discount up to 50%.

    *Discount is valid till the 31 May 2021. The fees mentioned below do not include the discount.

    Service fees:

    (for one person in a group)
    1 150 150
    2 270 135
    3 383 127,67
    4 – 10 500 125
    11 – 20 900 81,82
    21 – 30 1 250 59,52
    31 – 40 1 600 51,61

    These rates do NOT include consular and service fees for processing the application

    The cost of the service for children under 12 years is fixed-35 EUR per application

    The set of documents must be fully prepared before the arrival of a Mobile biometrics specialist

    How to apply: to find out the cost of the "Mobile biometrics" service in your city or get detailed information about the service, please contact us by phone: +7 965 119 00 70,

    e- mail: or fill in the online application. Our team will contact You shortly!

    Please note: This service does not affect the visa application processing time, visa granting or refusing, or the duration of the visa validity.

    We advise to order this service only through our website or by calling the phone number listed above. The visa application center is not responsible for services ordered on third-party resources. We warn you that such services may be rendered poorly, and you may become a victim of fraud!

    Additional fee for urgent visa application processing

    This service provides accelerated processing of your visa application.

    Please note that submission of any application as urgent is solely at the discretion of the Petrozavodsk office of the Consulate General of Finland. If you have a reason to believe that your application should be processed urgently, please bring it to the notice of the Visa Center specialist.

    The cost of this service is 16 euro (CB rate), Visa and Service fees are not included in this price.