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Ways of collecting your passport at the Visa Application Center:

  • Personal: Present your internal passport (or foreign passport copy for foreign citizens), agreement with the ICR receipt and cashier receipt.
  • For close relatives: Present your internal or foreign passport, agreement with the ICR receipt and cashier receipt, original of the documents proving your family ties (birth certificate, marriage certificate, documents proving surname/name change)
  • For the employee: Present your internal or foreign passport, agreement on the name of the concerned representative of the organization, ICR receipt, cashier receipt and power of attorney from the company for collecting the passports.
  • By the 3rd parties: Present your internal or foreign passport, agreement with the ICR receipt and cashier receipt, notarized power of attorney for collecting the passports.
  • For accredited travel agencies it’s mandatory to present an ID

    Please note that ready passports are kept at the Visa Center for no longer than 30 calendar days, after which they are returned to the Consulate General of Finland.

Track the progress of your application as per the tentative schedule advised to you at the time of application submission, and accordingly come to pick up your passport. If you have opted for courier service, receive your passport at the comfort of your chosen address.

Please note that as per the Article 23 of REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL establishing a Community code on Visas (Visa Code) the period of consideration of your visa application by respective Consular authority may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

Courier Service

You can still opt for the courier service to receive your passport in the address that you provide. To request this service please contact our officer at the submission counter on the day of documents’ submission.

Please ask the officer at the submission counter about the price list for the courier service. Learn more about courier service here.

The recipient of a decision made by a Finnish mission by virtue of the Visa Code to refuse or annul a visa or to revoke a visa (otherwise than at the request of the visa holder) may request an administrative review of the decision from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Instructions for requesting an administrative review are appended to the decision. Additional information: