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Please read the information on this site carefully. This website provides you with general information on how to apply for a Schengen visa to Finland. The guidelines are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible.

The visa category chosen by an applicant must be based on the purpose of travel to Finland and the decision must be made by the applicant him/herself – Finland Visa Application Centre staff will not be able to assist you in making this decision.

Please find below the list of visa categories. For more information and lists of required documents for each visa category, please view “Schengen Visas” pages.

  • Tourism
  • Close relatives visiting Russian citizens residing legally in a Schengen Member State
  • Close relatives visiting EU (EEA & Swiss) citizens
  • Private visit (Friends)
  • Applicants under the directive 2004/38/EC (Family member of an EU, EEA and Swiss citizen, who exercises the Right of Free Movement)
  • Property owners in the Schengen area and their close relatives
  • Participants in scientific, cultural and artistic activities
  • Pupils, students, post-graduate students and accompanying teachers
  • Participants in international sports events and accompanying persons in their professional capacity
  • Official delegations
  • Medical reasons
  • Employees traveling on business
  • Journalists
  • Freelance journalists
  • Drivers (international cargo and passengers)
  • Members of train, refrigerator and locomotive crews
  • Air crews (if in need of a visa)
  • Seamen
  • Seasonal work
  • Picking wild forest berries
  • Transit