Schedule an Appointment

This page allows you to schedule or modify an appointment for applying for Schengen Visa at the Visa Application Centre of Finland in the United Kingdom . Please select first the location where you would like to submit your application. Note that decision is returned to same Visa Application Centre where you submit the application.

Note: One appointment is valid for one applicant only; the only exception is for children under 12 years of age who may submit their application together with their parent(s) appointment. In case you arrive in a group, kindly book the required number of appointments corresponding to the number of applicants. If the parents have appointments in different slots they can submit their applications as a family in the same slot together with their child.

Please complete the Finland Visa online application form prior to booking your appointment by clicking Here

IMPORTANT - before you proceed to book an appointment, have you checked all of the requirements to apply for your visa?

If YES, please click Here.

If NO, please click Here.

Prime Time Service is now available if you wish to submit your application outside our normal working days of Monday to Friday, please click Here for more details regarding this service.