Additional Services

  • SMS Service
    Free of Charge

    Description –

    The Finland Visa Application Centre provides a visa application status tracking through SMS for your convenience, free of cost.

  • Premium Service
    € 80.01, 60.00 GBP


    The VFS Global Premium Service is now available at the visa application centre.

    The Premium Service includes:

    • Separate area with personalised service by dedicated staff
    • Refreshments
    • Faster submission of applications
    • Courier return of passport
    • SMS alert on the status of your application
    • Photocopying service for your documents


    Premium Service fee: (Euro 80.01) £ 60.00 (VAT inclusive) for each visa applicant in addition to the cost of the visa application.

    How to book

    VIP appointment slots are available between TIME, Monday to Friday. Please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your desired appointment date.

    Every applicant can opt and upgrade to this service during their visit to our Visa Application Centres at any given time, simply by informing a VFS staff member.

  • Prime Time Service
    € 28.59, 25.00 GBP

    Ideal for busy working professionals and business executives, this service allows you, for an additional fee, to apply for your visa outside of our normal working hours.

    Prime time service allows applicants to submit their application with prior online appointment at London Visa Application Centre (this service is currently not available for Manchester and Edinburgh), outside of normal business hours, at a cost of (Euro 28.59) GBP 25.00 (all applicable taxes included) for each applicant, plus the visa fee and service charges.

    Prime time Service will be available on Saturday from 08:30am to 11:00am, except declared holidays.

    Please select the prime time option when scheduling an appointment online and pay the applicable fee for the service when you attend the visa application centre.

    Important: This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that applicants using the prime time service will have a faster turnaround time or be successful in their visa application. All visa decisions derive from the respective Embassy.

    The service fee is non-refundable.

  • Courier Service
    € 19.38, 15.00 GBP


    In case applicants want the processed documents couriered back to their specified address, they can request this facility at the time of submitting their visa application. Our agents in the centre will obtain the required address from applicants and their passport will be returned through DX courier service.


    This service incurs an additional cost of (Euro 19.38) £15.00 payable at the counter.

    How to book

    This service can be opted/requested for at the counter while submitting the visa application.

  • Photo Booth Facility
    € 13.72, 10.00 GBP


    Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the visa application centre. This will ensure that the photographs meet Finland specifications.

    Fees –

    This service can be bought for an extra charge of (Euro 13.72) £ 10.00 for 6 passport size photographs.

    How to book –

    This service can be used during applicant’s visit to the Visa Application Centre.

  • Photocopy Service (per page)
    € 0.57, 0.20 GBP


    Applicants may require photocopies of recommended supporting documents, therefore VFS Global has photocopier machines available enabling applicants to obtain their photocopies at the visa application centre.


    This service is available at (Euro 0.57) £ 0.20 per photocopy.

    How to book

    Please reach out to submission desk officers to avail this service.

  • Printing Facility (per page)
    € 0.60, 0.50 GBP

    Description –

    Applicants can get printouts of their documents (online, email attachments) in the Business centre of the visa application centre by paying a nominal fee.


    This service is available at (Euro 0.60) £ 0.50 per printout.

    How to book

    Please reach out to submission desk officers to avail this service.

  • Early Collection Service
    € 19.38, 17.40 GBP


    A scheduled passport pick-up service, whereby we offer our applicants the facility to collect their passports before the standard collection time window. Once you have received a text/email notification that your passport is ready for collection, you may attend the visa application centre with your receipt to collect your passport, for a nominal fee.

    Please note that normal terms and conditions apply. This service is only available at our London visa application centre, and is restricted to 8.30am – 16.00 pm Monday to Friday, except declared holidays.


    This service is available at (Euro 19.38) £17.40 per passport

    How to book

    This service can be opted/requested for at the counter while submitting the visa application or can be opted/requested upon your arrival at the centre during the abovementioned date – time.

  • On Demand Mobile Biometrics
    € 543 per applicant

    Booking this service means you can go through the entire visa application process without leaving your home, office or school campus.

    In a single visit, VFS Global’s professional staff will accept your applications, and take all the required biometric information (photo and fingerprints) visa specialized and authorized equipment they carry with them in a suitcase.

    • Available to individual and group applicants (e.g. corporate groups, student/ summer school groups and travel and tour groups).
    • Ideal for large groups that are looking to apply for their visas at the same time and place
    • Includes courier return delivery of processed documents

    This service fee is € 543 each applicant but can be adjusted depending on group size. Below is the break down on application cost

    1-2 applicants --> € 543.00 per applicant

    3-5 applicants --> € 486.00 per applicant

    6-10 applicants --> € 400.00 per applicant

    11-20 applicants --> € 285.00 per applicant

    >20 applicants --> € 230.00 per applicant

    To request this service, you can send queries via email to and you will receive the information on how to pay for this service.

    After the date is approved, VFS Global will visit your desired location on the agreed date and time to retrieve biometric data, your supporting documents, and visa application forms.

  • Travel Insurance Policy

    Travel Insurance Policy– options to acquire an insurance from well-known companies are available at the Visa Centre. The insurance fee for the policy is calculated based on the official fees set by the insurance company of your choice. According to the UK law, each policy is accompanied by the Terms and Conditions and Receipt. Please note that Medical Insurance is a mandatory document. We request that you purchase insurance from an authorized agency.