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Step 1

Prepare your application and supporting documents:

Go to "Schengen visas" link on this website to read more about visa types. Here you can find information on the photo specifications, documents required, processing times and more.

Step 2

Book an appointment to visit Visa Application Centre:

To visit the Visa Application Centre we recommend you to schedule the appointment. For groups of 15 or more applicants scheduled appointment is mandatory. You can book the appointment online or by calling our Helpline.

Please read the security regulation notice before visiting the Visa Application Centre.

Step 3

Submit your visa application:

Visit Visa Application Centre and submit your completed Visa Application Forms along with the required supporting documents. Please see the Contact Us page for the location of the Visa Application Centre. For additional cost you can request for courier delivery of your passport to your chosen address in South Africa.

Step 4

There are different methods of payment applicable when applying directly at the Finland Visa Application Centre:

Methods of payment for visa fees:

  • If the applicant submits their visa application at the Finland Visa Application Centre:

    1. Card payment at the Finland Visa Application Centre on the day of appointment
    2. Advance payment to the given Finland Visa Application Centre bank account (please click here)

Step 5

Submit biometric data:

After submitting documents you are asked to proceed to the biometrics booth where your fingerprints and a digital photo are collected.

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