Visa Fees At A Glance

Schengen visa (age 12 years and above) 760 TL
Children, 6 to 11 years (Unless otherwise stated in Visa Facilitation Agreement) 380 TL
Children, 0 to 5 years old Free of Charge
Schengen visa for nationals of countries with visa facilitation agreement (Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Armenia,Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova) 335 TL
Cape Verde 760 TL

Applicants exempted from visa fee:

  • Applicants under the Directive 2004/38/EC
  • Family members of Finnish citizen
  • Diplomatic and official passport holders
  • School pupils, students, post graduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purpose of study or educational training - TO BE EVALUATED CASE BY CASE
  • Researchers travelling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research - TO BE EVALUATED CASE BY CASE
  • Representatives of non-profit organisations, aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events by non-profit organisations – TO BE EVALUATED CASE BY CASE
  • Keeping in mind the health and safety of all our customers and employees in view of the ongoing COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, passports will be returned back only by courier till further notice for all Finland visa customers, effective 01.09.2020. This measure applies to Finland Visa Application Centres globally. The primary purpose of this measure is to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus amongst our customers and employees. The measure is expected to be in place until the risk perception of COVID-19 is significantly reduced. The fee for this service is Euro 10 (60 TL in local currency), irrespective of the delivery location.
VFS Visa Service 240 TL

*Please note that the service fee is inclusive of VAT

The visa application centre offers below optional services at a nominal additional cost:

Photocopy service (Inclusive of 18% VAT) 1 TL
Photograph service (Inclusive of 18% VAT) 25 TL
Courier service (Inclusive of 18% VAT) 60 TL
VIP Premium Lounge Service 300 TL
Assisted Form Filling Service (Inclusive of 18% V.A.T) Free Of Charge
Printing (Per Page) 1 TL
CAS (Courier After Submission) 60 TL
Internet Kiosk GRATIS
Prime Time Service 25 €
MBS (Mobile Biometric Service) 364 TL – 5600 TL

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Please Note:

  • The applicable visa fee in Liras is as per current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice.
  • The applicants who submit their applications at the Visa Application Centre should pay the visa fee at the centre in cash or with debit or credit card.
  • Applicants exempted from visa fee need to pay only service fee.
  • The fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.