Online Application Form

For Finland every applicant needs to provide a signed printout from a Schengen visa application form (VAF).

  • Applicant needs to duly complete the online visa application form as mentioned below:

    1. Click online Visa Application form
    2. Register with your email address
    3. Complete all mandatory fields (marked with a red star *) on the online visa application form
  • Once online visa application form is duly completed, the following options will be given (on page 6 VAF Dependent):

    1. Book an appointment:
      1. Click given Appointment Link
      2. Log in with previously registered credentials
      3. Complete Appointment booking process
    2. Complete another online visa application form (first select Yes, then 1 of  appearing options and finally click Submit)

Once all the online visa application form have been completed (in case of multiple applicants), then applicant needs to continue with booking an appointment as mentioned above.

During the entire process of completing an online visa application form and booking an appointment applicant will receive 3 emails – 1st email confirming initiation, 2nd email with completed VAF and 3rd email with appointment letter.

In order to have the online visa application form printed and signed applicant needs to:

  1. Check for email Visa application form submitted successfully and reference number is SCHEFIxxxxxxxxxxx with PDF attachment
  2. Open PDF attachment (using 4 characters of Passport Number + Date Of Birth (ddmmyyyy) as entered in the online visa application form)
  3. Click File
  4. Click Print and confirm printing
  5. Sign the completed visa application form in the designated places (no.37 and right under the disclaimer at the end of the VAF)
  6. Bring the signed visa application form with the supporting documents on his/her appointment day (see Schedule an Appointment).

The last page of the printed visa application form (Additional Information) shows applicant’s name and a 9-digit reference number starting with reference letter S (for London), K (for Manchester) or U (for Edinburgh).

Applicants intending to submit a visa application form in a Visa Application Centre (VAC), which has a reference number starting with another reference letter than the designated reference letter for that concerned VAC, will be asked to complete a new online visa application form.

Online visa application form will be available for modifications and printing for 90 days after it’s completed. In order to retrieve your completed visa application form you will need your registered email ID and password. After completing your visa application form, print and submit your application to the Visa Application Centre within 90 days”