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Every applicant, including children/infants, has to submit his/her Schengen visa application in person and by appointment only on their appointment date, which needs to be booked online (see Schedule an Appointment) by the applicant.

For Non EU citizens who are not sure whether a Schengen visa is required to travel to the Schengen Area, please click Do I need a visa? to find out.

Applicants, who intend to travel for business purposes, i.e. visiting a business/company to have meetings, to make business deals, to recruit, to train or other work related activities can apply for a Business visa.

Every Business visa application has to be confirmed by an invitation letter from a business/company based in Finland, if not, applicant will have to apply as a Tourist.

In regards to conference/seminar/workshop the following applicants can also apply for a Business visa:

  1. Applicants-employees going to attend a conference/seminar/workshop organised by their company or another company directly related to their company
  2. Applicants-employees going to be actively involved in a conference/seminar/workshop

Employer letter needs to confirm clearly the purpose of attending the conference/seminar/workshop, if not, applicant will need to apply for a Tourist visa.


Applicant must at least meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to submit a Schengen visa application:

  1. holding a valid passport/travel document
  2. holding a valid UK residence permit. In case applicant holds a short stay visa for the UK, a C type visa (see example here), then applicant needs to apply for a Schengen visa from his/her residence country.
  3. applying for a short stay visa: Tourist (including Private Visit), Business, Finnish, EU/EEA and Swiss nationals’ family member under Directive 2004/38/EC and Study, Conference and Professional Training Visa


Visa Fees

Nationality Visa fees effective 02 February 2020
(in EUR and local currency)
Age 12 years and above EUR 80 (GBP 72)
Children, ages 6–11 (unless otherwise stated in the Visa Facilitation Agreement) EUR 40 (GBP 36)
Children, 0 to 5 years old EUR 0 (GBP 0)
Schengen visa for citizens, incl. children, ages 6–11, from the countries listed below (the EU has the Visa Facilitation Agreement with these countries): EUR 35 (GBP 32)
- Russian Federation
- Albania
- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Georgia
- Macedonia
- Moldova
- Montenegro
- Serbia
- Ukraine
- Cape Verde EUR 80 (GBP 72)

VFS service fee of £25.28 (inclusive of VAT) is charged per visa application, in addition to the applicable visa fee.

Applicable visa and service fee, in Pound Sterling (£), is as per the current exchange rate and may be subject to change without notice.

All fees can be paid by cash (except in Manchester and Edinburgh), Credit/Debit card or Postal Orders in the name of “Finland Visa Application Centre”.

Cheque payments and direct bank transfers are not accepted.

All fees are non-refundable.

Documents Required

The list of documents is not an exhaustive list of documents and the applicant may be asked for additional documents/information or for an interview at the Embassy, if desired by the Embassy of Finland.

Applicant always has to bring and show his/her original documents, but only needs to submit photocopies of the same; unless the requirements specify that an original document has to be submitted.

Applicant needs to print, sign and bring the relevant check list, which will be submitted along with the visa application form (see online visa application form) and its supporting documents

Photo Specifications


Please provide one recent colour photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, meeting the following requirements:

  • Taken against a light (white or off-white) background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Clear quality and with the face in focus
  • Full face: non-smiling, no sunglasses, no hat/cap or any head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of his/her religious belief or ethnic background
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print)
  • Please stick the photograph on the Visa Application Form

If the photographs presented do not meet these requirements (click here ), then the visa application will be considered incomplete and applicant will be asked to take new photographs in the photo booth in the visa application centre.

Travel Medical Insurance

Each applicant (including children/infants) must provide a valid travel medical insurance.

Requirements for an insurance policy:

  1. Insurance validity period has to cover the entire period of the intended stay in the Schengen Area + the days of travel to and from the Schengen Area
  2. Insurance validity area has to cover the whole Schengen Area or to be worldwide
  3. Minimum insurance coverage limit has to be 30.000 euros
  4. Insurance has to cover costs in case of sudden illness or accident and assistance on site, including the costs of medical repatriation to the place of permanent residence of the insured person or the repatriation in case of death

Travel medical insurances can be bought from any insurance company. An applicant for multiple-entry visa may provide an insurance policy which covers the first trip. The applicant undertakes to purchase an insurance policy for further trips by signing the visa application.

Processing Time

The visa process at the Finnish Embassy takes 10 working days. We recommend you to apply at least 15 days before the planned trip. Some applications may require further processing. Please note that all applications are processed individually. The Embassy of Finland may request further documentation, information or you may be called for an interview which can prolong the processing time.

Applications cannot be submitted earlier than six (6) months before the start of the planned journey. In individual cases, the mission can extend the processing time up to a maximum of 45 calendar days.

Please also note that applications submitted in Edinburgh and Manchester need more extra days due courier to London and back.