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Online Application form

lease note that you visa application form will be available for modifications and printing for 90 days after it’s completed. In order to retrieve your completed visa application form you will need your registered email ID and password. After completing your visa application form, print and submit your application to the Visa Centre of Finland within 90 days.

The following website supports Internet Explorer 10 and above, Firefox 30.0 and above, Chrome 30.0 and above, Safari 9 and above.

Click here to fill in your visa application form

Please note, that if you have already submitted your visa application form and received it by email, it will not be possible to make any changes in it. A new visa application form is to be filled in.

You can also print your completed visa application form at the Visa Centre.

We also suggest that you have the following information at hand before you start:

  • Passport for traveling abroad
  • Address in Finland
  • Details of the inviting person/organization
  • Itinerary

FAQ Visa Application

  • Do I have to use an application form filled online or may I submit a hand written paper application form as before?

    For applying at the Visa Centre of Finland you can use a paper application form as well, but we recommend using an application form filled online whenever possible. This will facilitate and speed up application handling process in the visa department.

    All applicants applying for a visa at the Consulate General of Finland must have a visa application form filled online.

  • If I submit in the visa application form today, when will the visa be ready?

    Application processing phase begins on the day, when printed and signed application with supplementary documents is submitted to the Visa Centre, and the visa fee has been paid, not on the day when filling in the application. Schedule of the estimated processing times can be found on the website of the Consulate General.

  • If I fill in the application form today, when can I submit it? Do I have to submit the form on the same day or can I come later?

    It’s not necessary to submit the application on the same day. You can either make an appointment on this website to submit the application at a specific time or come and submit the application during 90 days without an appointment.

  • Am I allowed to make changes into my application form filled online afterwards or should I make changes with a pen on the paper or do I have to print a new application and a barcode sheet?

    You can make changes into the application before you submit it for processing in the visa department. You are able to return to the visa application system using your personal username; in the end, a new application form with a barcode sheet must be printed.

  • What language can be used to fill in the application form?

    The application form can be filled in Russian, English, Finnish or and Swedish. If the country of the destination is Austria, the German language is also acceptable.


    • the application form should be filled in with Latin alphabet
    • all mandatory fields should be completed
    • print the application form
    • do not forget to sign the application
  • Which address should be indicated in the application form – registration address or actual?

    In the field 17 of the application form the actual address should be indicated. The registration address is marked in the field “Additional information”.