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The right of citizens of the European Union and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States is stipulated by the EU directive 2004/38/EY. The directive applies only to EU/EEA citizens who move to or reside in a Member State other than that of which they are a national, and to their family members who accompany or join them. EU/EEA citizens residing in the Member State of their nationality do not benefit from the directive. This is to state that the directive is not applied in the case where e.g. the Ukrainian spouse of a Finnish citizen (living in Finland) is applying for a visa in Ukraine. In addition, the directive is applied only in the cases where the citizen of EU/EEA is travelling together with family members.

The family member of a EU/EEA citizen is:

  • spouse
  • legally registered partner
  • children under 21 years or their descendants in the ascending line of the EU/EEA citizen or his/her spouse/partner
  • relatives dependent on the EU/EEA citizen or his/her spouse/partner in the ascending line
  • other dependent family members
  • persons living in the same household with the EU/EEA citizen
  • persons requiring the personal care of the EU/EEA citizen
  • partners of the EU/EEA citizen, with whom the partner is in permanent relationship and this relationship can be duly attested

The visa applicant has to show that the directive can be applied to the case. The applicant has to show documents supporting this statement. Documents that are required are e.g. marriage or birth certificate or evidence of the fact that the family member is accompanying or joining the EU/EEA citizen.

When the directive is applied, the visa fee is waived. If the applicant applies for a visa through the Visa Application Center of Finland, the service fee is to be paid. The application can also be submitted to the Embassy of Finland. In either case, the application will be processed as soon as possible at the Embassy of Finland, normally within 3 working days. The applicant does not need to present a travel medical insurance nor evidence on sufficient means for travel. Also, the applicant does not need to fill in the fields 19, 20, 31, 32 and 33 in the application form. A list of documents that are needed, can be found under each travel category on this website.

Children under 12 years: Children under 12 years need not to be present at Visa centre personally as they are exempted from the Biometrics. A passport size photo would be required for the child and for further details, pls use refer to our ‘Photo Specification’ section under different Visa category.

Documents Required

  • Visa application form duly completed, filled in Latin letters preferably in English and signed by the applicant. Barcode pages must be printed and included. Please note that the application form must be signed by the applicant himself in field 37 and in the last field, where it is required (in case of minors one of the custodians should sign the application form). In case you are applying for multiple entry visa, you need to sign the Insurance Declaration on the last page of Visa Application Form.
  • One recent passport size color photograph glued to the application. For details see
  • Proof of Travel Medical Insurance to be provided when applying for the visa covering all Schengen countries with a minimum coverage of 30.000 Euro for: repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical treatment and emergency admission to hospital treatment during the stay in the territory of the Schengen states. The insurance must cover 100% of the costs (without deductible). When applying for a multiple entry visa, the travel insurance must be valid for the first trip and when submitting the application, the applicant must sign an agreement that he/she will obtain insurance for all other trips as well. In case of a service passport, insurance is not needed.
    Please also note that the Travel Medical Insurance will be accepted only in printed format. For submission, the copy of Travel insurance is needed.
  • Invitation from Host Person, the copy of foreign passport of the host person and copy of his/her residence permit in Finland. Also proof of family ties like marriage certificate, birth certificate is required.

  • For applicants under 18 years: a copy of a written consent from parents/guardians and the birth certificate and other documents proving the family ties. The original documents to be shown at submission. If the applicant is travelling alone, there has to be a written consent from both of the parents/guardians. If the applicant is travelling with one of the parents/guardians, there has to be a written consent from the other.
  • A copy of domestic passport (all the pages containing information) and the original to be shown at submission.
  • Foreign passport, which must be issued within the last 10 years and must be valid at least three months after the scheduled return. The copy of the first page is also required. The passport must have at least two empty pages for visas. Please note that children endorsed in one of the parents’ passport can apply for visa only under the age of 16. If a child is 5 or more years old, his photo must be glued in the passport. Also all valid passports must be shown in original, as well as previous foreign passports, or if not available, in copy including photocopies of previous visas and stamps. In case a passport has been annulled or stolen, there has to be a note of it in applicant’s domestic passport or a document from the authorities proofing that the passport was stolen.
  • Non-Ukrainian citizens: a copy of Ukrainian residence permit or a work permit and the original to be shown at submission.
  • Consent for personal data processing. According to the Law of Ukraine “About personal data protection” every applicant has to download and sign the Consent for personal data processing. Please note that if another person submits for the applicant, applicant has to sign this document in advance. To download the Consent for personal data processing, please click here.

Photo Specifications

You can also check specifications here.

Processing Time

Normal Processing: 10 Calendar Days

Normal Processing Time for Ukrainian citizens is 10 calendar days according to the Visa Facilitation Agreement between EU and Ukraine. Processing time for applicants of other nationalities that did not sign Agreement is 15 calendar days.

Fast Track: 3 Working Days for Ukrainian citizens Please see New Visa Facilitation Agreement for eligibility

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